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I order from them every 2 months and Owner is kind enough to process my request even though I live 2000 km away(Udupi). And trust me I have tried all the best brands available in the market but nothing comes close to Assam’s tea. I pay extra for the delivery but still I save few bucks compared to other brands and the quality of Sunita tea is priceless. Perfect tea to start your day with 👍🏻Even the sales executive were very helpful to guide me in selecting the best range of teas . I would suggest you to buy tea from them.
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Shravan Palan

Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.

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Strong and flavourful...colour,taste and flavour are perfect. Don't add too much of tea powder it may turn bitter.boil it patiently with milk u ll get an amazing kadak chai
Zahira ayub
Good Tea and Taste is Awesome. Nice Service. Thank You Manoj Binani. Thank You for your Service.
Bharat Shirsath
Thanks to Shopee. Really great product. Happy with the price and delivery. Go for it.
Mintu Bora

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